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Get to Know Us

Mohsen Vafadoost

Co-Founder, Product Manager

Mohsen is a Business Strategist. He has a Marketing and Business background and an MBA degree. He is also equipped with Google Analytics and Google AdWords certifications.
Mohsen is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, and small businesses, Interested in creating start-ups, designing and business modeling.
Mohsen has experience in running, consulting and modeling for start-ups in the software industry and small businesses in manufacturing. He has experience in providing Business Analysis, Business Development, Business Strategy, and Pricing services.


Dr. Zahra Ofoghi

Co-Founder, Product Liaison

Zahra is a Post Doctoral Fellow at Simon Fraser University. She acquired her PhD. in Neuroscience from the University of Calgary. She also has a BA and MA degrees in Clinical Psychology from the University of Tehran. Being an advocate of self-empowerment, she loves to use her knowledge of cutting-edge neuroscience findings and psychology in practice and help people. She believes in the power of groups and the importance of social connections and this is the reason why she has co-founded the ReGathering initiative.


Mostafa Vafadoost

Co-Founder, Senior Software Engineer

Mostafa is a Senior software engineer. He got his MSc degree from the University of Alberta and his BSc degree from Sharif University of Technology. Mostafa is currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at Chime. He has previously worked at Tableau Salesforce and Dell EMC. Mostafa likes to build scalable distributed systems by using cutting-edge technologies.


Amir Malekzadeh

Senior Software Engineer

Amir is a software engineer. He's got his masters' degree from the University of Alberta and is currently doing his Ph.D. in software engineering.
He is familiar with different parts of the software stack and different technologies. He is also interested in and experienced in software architecture and design.
Amir has experience working in large companies, such as Dell EMC, as well as small startups. He started his own company a few years ago, where he had the role of CTO.


Zahra Vafadoost

Software Engineer

Zahra is a software engineer with experience of working in a few companies. Currently, She is a master's student in Bioinformatics at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. She received her bachelor's degree from Sharif University of Technology.


Dr. Zohreh D. Champiri

UI/UX Lead

Zohreh is a UX/UI Researcher & Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the industry and advanced education background in Human-Computer Interaction- Computer Science. She is able to tackle any UX/UI challenges.


Maryam Zarei

UI / UX Designer

Maryam is a UX/UI Designer with a background in Computational Design. She designs and develops Visual Analytics User Interfaces for architectural designers in AEC industry. She is currently a graduate student studying Interactive Arts and Technology at SFU. She is also an advocate of “Empowering Women in Tech”.


Mahsa Taheri

Machine Learning Engineer

Mahsa is a Machine Learning Engineer with a background in Cyber-Physical Security. She received her second MSc degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Alberta and her BSc and MSc from Amirkabir University of Technology. She has experience working in R&D sections in the industry. She is also interested in NLP and applications of machine learning in the healthcare and always looking for challenges in these areas.


Maryam Fadaee

Software Engineer

Maryam is a computer engineer with experience in Full Stack web development. She received her master’s degree from Shahid Beheshti University and bachelor’s degree from Amirkabir University of Technology in Tehran.  She enjoys being a team member in a dynamic working atmosphere, facing new challenges, and solving problems.


Sepideh Zaman Vaziri

Software Engineer

Sepideh is a full-stack web developer with a background in engineering and business. She got a BSc degree from the Sharif University of Technology as well as a college degree in Business, Management & Entrepreneurship. Her business knowledge and work experience in tech start-ups have enabled her to create a better user experience by adopting new technologies.


Ali Zamani

Software Engineer

Ali is a Full-Stack Developer with a background in Computational Design and Distributed Computing. He got his MSc degree from the University of Ottawa and his BSc degree from Sharif University of Technology. He enjoys working in challenging environments and helps companies to embrace new technologies.

Finger on the Map




Dr. Brian Fisher is a Professor at the School of Interactive Arts & Technology (SIAT), Simon Fraser University and a member of the Institute for Computing, Information, and Cognitive Systems at UBC. Having a broad experience in the field of design and Interactive visualization systems, Professor Fisher provides advice to the ReGathering team to achieve interactive and socially distinctive platform to facilitate community engagement for minority communities.

Dr. Fisher.png



Dr. Hajiazim is an Attending Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary. He has completed his medical school training at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences and the residency in psychiatry at The Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran. Dr. Hajiazim completed additional training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and then in sleep medicine at the University of Toronto. Dr. Hajiazim is providing advice to the to guide our way toward better facilitation of community engagement and increasing social connectedness in minority communities in Canada.

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